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We're a Bunker Supply Company of the oil product of Indonesian National Oil & Gas Company PT. PERTAMINA (PERSERO), Operated in whole area of Indonesia marine therithories and concentrated in Port of Tanjung Priok - Jakarta International Port. We're registered and contracted by PERTAMINA as Bunker Service, Mobile Bunker Agent and Oil Transporter of the product of Marine Gas Oil [ MGO ] and Marine Fuel Oil [ MFO ].

As a one of Subsidiary Company of the reputable Indonesian National Industrial & Marine Fuel Supply Corporation Ekalima Graha Corporation, we has great opportunity to develop our company mission as a reputable company in On Time, On volume and On Quality Service Based on Customer Expected Satisfaction.

All about our service information can be find in this website www.karbindobunker.com at anytime and anywhere, for further information please do not hesitate to contact our information center at info@divabunker.com.


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